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Our Tree Services Portfolio

Enviro chip spraying (spray chips as mulch back into the woods)

Finished tree removal in Cannon Beach. Three large trees removed, stumps ground and ground prepped for planting.

Working with our bucket truck and a crane to remove a maple tree that fell in the December, 2007 storm.

Trimming trees with our bucket truck.

Preparing for removal.

By using a crane we can safely remove large sections.

A finished project of Pine trees that were cleaned and sculpted. Proper maintenance has helped these trees survive the strong winds from storms.

Removing a dead monkey tree.

Bigby's taking part in the Fort George Renovation and construction project.

Pruning Project

A finished pruning project.

Pruning Project

David Cook bucking a large spruce tree using a Stihl 660 magnum and a 42" bar.

Bigby's Tree service removing storm damage.

Jason Bigby and David Cook at the Bond Street slide after falling danger trees.

Moving logs with our mini excavator.

Jason Bigby cutting down a large diseased spruce tree. The tree had large rot pockets approximately 20' up from the stump.

At age 64 Old Guys Still Rule, Max Bigby on a spring board facing up a double spruce. Summer, 2008.

Tight quarters in Gearhart, Oregon.

Just another day at the office.

Chipping, Beetle infested Pine.
learn more about the western pine beetle

Pruning Project

Pruning Project

Our new track mounted, radio controlled, stump grinder in action.

Chipping limbs from a surgical logging operation near a home where trees had blown over near the house. The chips were sprayed for mulch and erosion control.

Jason Bigby putting the face in a large fir.

Bracing a maple, late winter Gearhart, OR.

Sunny Winter day pruning in Gearhart, OR.

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What People Are Saying About Bigby's Tree Service

"We would not hesitate to recommend Jason Bigby for any type of arborist or excavation work. He is knowledgeable, professional and has good vision for the aesthetic aspects of a project.

Our property needed 13 large spruce trees removed and a sloping landscape controlled for erosion with extensive rock work. We also had several old shore pines that needed attention for dead branches and wind resistance.

All jobs were performed quickly and expertly with minimal disruption and always with conscientious cleanup afterwards. You can trust Bigby's to do the right thing for both the health of your landscape and the safety of your home."

   - Eric and Mary Lind, Warrenton, Oregon
Video Clips of Various Tree Services

tree bracing
falling tree video 1
crane video 1
chipper video 2
chipper video 3
Testimonials Continued
"New View. Thank you Jason for the amazing work. I always know I can count on you and David to do the job right and for the best possible price for such professional and amazing work. You guys are awesome! Have a great holiday weekend. "

   - Greg Trest

"Just wanted to say I Highly recommend Bigby Tree Service! I had Them remove several very large Spruce limbs off several Trees hanging over our driveway and the estimate was fast and free, the pricing was very reasonable, the job was done two days later to perfect specifications, and most of all, They cleaned up so well that other than my new groomed trees, I could not tell that they had even been there. Awesome! Thank You Bigby's Tree Service"

   - Sam Jasmin
"Over the years we have used several area tree services on our 25 acre farm in Olney. Not one of them came close to the level of knowledge, skill, honesty and professionalism that we found when we began using Bigby's Tree Service. Jason has helped us with a wide variety of projects ranging from mature fruit tree renovation to dangerous and complicated removal. Every time they are here, Jason and crew impress us with their ability. They leave us with a smile on our face and a spotless work site. We won't use anyone else!"

   - The Painters
"Dear Jason, Thank you for such a wonderful job on our lot. You are a great listener, and you cleaned it out exactly as we described to you. Best wishes for a prosperous 2011 to you!"

   - Kain & Bob Webb

"Ya-Hoo!!!! We have just had a great experience with Bigby Tree company and want to spread the good word. Jason and team arrived, got set up and accomplished the work promised for less expense than we had anticipated. What's the big deal? It was a true joy to see teamwork, safety processes and great equipment all come together for our tree needs. Jason checked with us throughout the project, making sure we were pleased. Final topper--when they left, all evidence of their presence was gone. Bigby Tree service is thorough, respectful and a pleasure to have on our property. You should ask them to help you out, too."

   - Jim & Jane Hill

"Jason Bigby has been doing all of our tree work for the past several years. This has included removal, shaping and thinning of our many Shore Pines. We have found Jason and his workers to be very honest and straightforward. Work is done in a timely manner and is completed when promised. They observe safe working practices. We can highly recommend Jason and Bigby Tree Service for all of your tree work."

   - Burr & Sally Allegaert

"We would just like to take the time to tell you what a wonderful job you did with falling our trees for us. We were extremely impressed with how quick you got the job done and for how neat everything was when the job was finished. Every step from the first inspection and quote, to the job itself, to the cleanup afterwards was very professional. If you ever need a referral please feel free to use our names and or this letter.
Thanks again for a wonderful job"

   - Shawn & Vina Daw
A Few More Video Clips of Tree Services

stump grinding
removing diseased tree
falling diseased spruce tree
Testimonials Continued

"Jason Bigby first worked on trees on our 12 acre property in Svensen when he was still in high school. I recently hired him to clear out the accumulated damage from storms that we experienced over the last couple of years. He did that with all the right equipment and quickly. One of the downed trees was a natural cherry but instead of putting it in a slash pile he called a friend who he knew could use the hardwood as firewood to sell. The fire wood served a useful purpose for someone and not wasted. Jason will not just do the job but think about larger goals."

   - Rod Leland
"Your job on our maple trees was excellent. I know you have saved their lives with your special supports for them. Thank you so much for your prompt attention to our tree problems and the fine job you did trimming the cherry tree and the plum tree. Also, I appreciate the excellent job you did in cleaning up and removing all the trimmings and other debris. If we have any tree problems in the future, I shall call you promptly. Too, I shall recommend you to my friends."

   - Jo Pomeroy-Crockett
"Bigby's Tree Service returned my call promptly, and Jason met me at my convenience. There was a thorough inspection of the trees requiring removal, and a detailed estimate before the job started. The alders that were removed were huge, and the job was completed quickly, safely and efficiently with thorough cleanup. The job was on budget, with no surprises. I am very pleased with the service, and would use Bigby Tree Service again. I recommend them highly."

   - Robert W. Bentley, MD Gearhart, Oregon
"After purchasing a new home, we asked Jason to give us an estimate on removing some suspect trees from our yard and evaluate the condition several others around our house. Jason met with us, evaluated the condition of the trees, made recommendations and provided us with an estimate for removal. Jason removed several problem trees with such skill and finesse that it looked like nothing had happened in the yard. If you are looking for honesty, integrity and prompt service from a skilled and proficient technician with a personal touch, hire Bigbys Tree service!"

   - Karl
"Jason Bigby has done tree maintainance and site clearing for our properties for the last three years. He and his crew are knowledgable, safe and affordable. Jason conducts himself in an upbeat and professional manner. I would recommend Bigby Tree Service without reservation."

   - Tim Kennedy, dba Blind Moses Woodworking